The arrow seems to melt into the ship and turn the whole ship into a larger light mass. Finally, the light mass slowly disappears, leaving the hull waste scattered in the middle of the sea.
The blonde added, "Falcon has sent a jellyfish reconnaissance plane to collect the wreckage of the transport ship to confirm the identity of the criminal."
Alex sighed lightly. "Prepare the video materials and present them to the Federation in the morning!"
But the warden never dreamed that Li Dalong had quietly come to the periphery of the bonfire, and a crew member dressed in work quickly greeted him. "Mr. Wake appointed me to wait for you here!"
Vic nodded. "Thank you for your ambition!"
It turns out that the real escape ship is the second ship. Although this ship is relatively small, all the people connected from inside to outside have successfully infiltrated Yuanda Company. This escape plan is really a last resort.
Ten minutes later, the blonde exclaimed and shocked the entire command hall. "Sir, the second ship of Yuanda Company has gone up on the S2 line."
"What-what?" Alex was dumbfounded. "Have you notified?"
The blonde said, "Falcon’s flying ship is expected to chase them for 2 minutes when it leaves Hong Kong again."
"Two minutes …" Alex murmured, "After two minutes, these people have passed the rain constellation, which is beyond the scope of satellite detection. The horse requested defense satellite support."
Blonde Nai said, "Sir, if the defense satellites in our region want to launch an attack, they must ask for instructions from the top of the federal government. There is very little approval from the chief executive of the headquarters. Now it takes 2 minutes to ask for instructions at the earliest. At that time, they have already left the process …"
The fact that the flying ship can’t catch up with the transport ship at the moment, Wake Shu Shu is sitting in a chair in the cabin and says with a smile, "How? Do you feel exciting? "
Black Rose smiled. "So you figured that Huahu would slip alone?"
Wick smiled. "A cruel and violent person like him won’t understand the concept of teamwork."
He turned to Li Dalong. "You’re calm. It’s not surprising."
"It’s really not unexpected!" Li Dalong replied faintly, "What kind of person he is will have what kind of field, but I didn’t expect you to be a rescuer."
I have already received the news that you are going to jail. If I don’t take out a gesture to deal with you from the beginning, the prison authorities will suspect that my head is in front of Huahu, and I can’t expose it. I did that to rescue the old man.
It turns out that Huahugen was used by them to die. Without him as cannon fodder in front, Li Dalong, their magical powers will never escape, because you will never be an opponent of Falcon Flying Ship. Now Falcon Flying Ship can’t catch up for the time being. They still fly sometimes.
Li Dalong said, "We are not completely out of danger now. If I guess correctly, the ship must have been tampered with beforehand, and the drive must have been installed in the power system."
Wake looked at his eyes with a god of appreciation, Se. "I was repeatedly reminded beforehand that this operation would never have been successful without you. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I believe it."
Li Dalong shook his head and said, "You respect me too much."
Wake clapped his hands. "Well, everyone will break up soon. Before leaving, I want to ask you some personal questions. Of course, it’s up to you to answer or not!"
Li Dalong said, "What do you want to ask?"
Wick said, "You are definitely not a criminal!"
Li Dalong was silent. He finally nodded his head.
Black Rose was horrified. "Since you didn’t commit a crime, why did you get caught in the black Se spider?"
The reason why a normal person was put into the black Se spider is too complicated to imagine that he suffered a huge injustice? Still have ulterior motives?
It is obvious that it is impossible for Li Dalong to answer such a question.
Wake smiled. "You are so knowledgeable and imprisoned. I’m sure you’re not from the federal government."
Li Dalong also nodded his head.
Wake said, "You should be one of the five forces: tough guy, dragon, disease, tooth and sharping."
Black Rose was shocked to hear that she was caught by the master of the tough guy army, and she didn’t know the origin of this army until after her arrest.
The tough guy army originated from the righteous god and is a mercenary among the major stars.
They claim that the tough guy is by no means a hollow reputation, because everyone’s fighting capacity is amazing and they can’t kill the iron man. She was caught when she was exhausted by the other side.
However, the tough guy army also calls itself the justice division, that is to say, they have to pay to do things according to whether the target is good or bad. If the target’s reputation is acceptable, they will not make moves.
On the contrary, Tianlong troops will do things if they want you to give money, no matter whether the goal is good or bad, they recognize that they can afford enough money, and they can’t do things without it.
Tough guys and dragons belong to unofficial mysterious forces, and only people with great energy know that they are unheard of in ordinary people’s roots, and even few people in the federal jǐng inspection system know about them.
And disease, tooth and sharping black rose, this is the first time I heard that the other three families are more mysterious.
She looked at Li Dalong in surprise, but Li Dalong shook his head and said, "Neither!"
Wick gave a disappointed expression. Seeing that Li Dalong didn’t want to disclose it, he stopped asking questions.
At this time, the transport ship suddenly spewed purple Se arrow-shaped energy fireworks from the driver’s tail, and a long tail was drawn in the star, and the image of the whole ship became blurred, and then the ship was gone in the blink of an eye.
Only the purple Se trajectory is slowly spreading and disappearing, and the stars are beautiful and quiet again, as if nothing had ever happened.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Swimming home
Still a wilderness!
But this wilderness is completely different from Sirius wilderness!
There are no green plants here, but bare trunks and grayish brown ugly rocks are densely intertwined to form a strange forest.
There is a path winding in the forest to the depths.
Li Dalong’s rotten leather shoes walked on the gravel of the path.
Three years!
It has been three years!
He came back here again, and his nose was a little sore and his eyes were a little astringent.
Because a small gray bungalow appeared in the corner of the forest, this is not his real home, but he spent a long and wonderful five years in his life in this bungalow, and this house was built by himself with inferior crystal plates, brick by brick, which is actually his home.
There is a courtyard in front of the house with flower beds and pools. The flower beds are deserted, and the water in the small pool has long dried up. The moldy pool wall tells him that it is cold and lonely here over the years.
The door of the room was closed, but Li Dalong went to the door and jumped. He grabbed a drying monkey with both hands and climbed the balcony on the second floor like three by five, and then grabbed a water pipe from the balcony with a backhand. After a slight turn, he turned over the three-story attic. It was amazing to move and move.
The appearance of the house is still shabby, which looks no different from slum buildings, but the decoration is relatively good.
He jumped into the attic from the window, and the light came on automatically. There was no dust certificate in the room, and someone had lived there not long ago.
Li Dalong walked down the stairs to the living room on the first floor. The central sofa in the living room quickly dropped a ray to simulate a mirror image of a middle-aged man.
Li Dalong glanced at the coffee table surface, and the micro-is automatically hit the screen, showing that it was a virtual email, which was sent five days ago. Obviously, this man left it for him.
The man is not young, about thirty-three or four years old. He is tall and thin. He is sitting on the sofa in a pale yellow coat as if he were meditating on something, with a cigarette burning in his hand.