Let most of the main players get a break so that they can play Lazio in the best condition in this game.
Juventus didn’t completely suppress Lazio at half-time, but it can be seen that they have spared no effort. The scene is that the two sides have both offensive and defensive.
Juventus fans are not worried that their team will take the lead at half-time like AC Milan and then get kicked out by Lazio at half-time.
They think their team should be able to tangle with Lazio at half-time, even if the scene is not dominant.
Lazio fans are worried about whether Lazio will be successfully attacked by Juventus …
After all, watching them before the game was nerve-racking.
Commentators also have such doubts, and public opinion is that Juventus will win.
Because Lazio’s one-sided game is really boring.
People are always sympathetic to the weak, and they support Juventus.
It’s a bit funny to say Juventus are weak, but it depends on who you compare with.
Compared with Lazio, Juventus is a real weakling.
The TV broadcast showed Chang Sheng a close-up, and he looked calm on the sidelines, making people wonder what he was thinking.
However, commentators can still give Changsheng a lot of hats.
"… often on the sidelines with a dignified expression! Maybe he also felt the difficulty of this game! "
"He often watched nervously on the sidelines, and he couldn’t continue to sit in the coach’s seat because the team couldn’t play the game …"
"Juventus has made Lazio feel awkward and is always thinking hard about countermeasures, but has he thought of anything? Then I don’t know … "
These are all understood by the commentators themselves
If Chang Sheng knows that these commentators have said this about him, he will be completely cynical.
There is no point in actually winning on the sidelines, just changing your posture after sitting for a long time.
Constant victory is to observe the performance of yourself and the other side on the sidelines.
He could see that Juventus were staying, and they were probably worried about their physical strength at half-time, which led them to fail to seize the opportunity at half-time.
If Juventus can continue to pester Lazio at half-time, they should tell them how dangerous it is to think about leaving their strength in the face of Lazio …
Now Lazio’s tactics are correct, but the failure to score goals is due to too many mistakes, but the winner is not worried about this problem
Although there are many mistakes, Lazio can still threaten Juventus’ goal attack opportunity, but it is not seized.
So maybe I caught it this time?
Anyway, Changsheng has nothing to adjust now.
There are many reasons for scoring goals. It may be that the tactics are precisely arranged and the tactics suppress the opponents, so they score goals.
It is also possible that a player has a flash of light and then scores again.
It’s also possible that it was pure luck, and no one expected to score a goal by mistake.
During the game, players must try to keep their attention for 90 minutes at all times, because you never know when the opponent will score a goal in an attack. How can you know if it is threatening your goal now?
If you relax a little, it may bring bad consequences!
Now Lazio are attacking Juventus, and in their own half, they made a fierce attack on Lazio players.
Of course, this is the norm at half-time. Juventus will definitely grab it very hard in their own half.
Lazio will also speed up the ball after entering Juventus half-time.
As they are doing now.
Hernaz gave the football to winger Coentrao.
Coentrao didn’t continue with the ball, but gave Ledes the clues to the ribs to meet him.
Ledesma didn’t stop the ball quickly. Juventus marchisio hit it from behind when he just put the football out.
If he had half a second sooner or later, he might have lost control of the ball.
Now football has returned to Hernaz’s feet.
Brazil has no direct ball in midfield.
Although everyone agrees, he will continue to kick the ball.
But surprisingly, he didn’t do it, and not only that, he made a false catch against the football.
I lied to Sissoko, another defender of Juventus. When Sissoka missed the place where he was going to catch the ball and went to Hernaz’s position, I didn’t expect the Brazilian to flick the football sideways with the instep of his right foot when the football came, and then the football reached from Sissoko and drilled past his leg.
At the same time, Hernaz jumped up very dexterously and just avoided Sissoko’s collision.
His hands gently pushed Sissoko to jump around with a full force.
When he landed, he burst into chasing football!
Juventus never expected that Lazio had suddenly changed its course and played personal heroism before.
In the face of Hernaz’s breakthrough, they were very surprised.
Then when they came to their senses, they overreacted.
Almost at the same time, three Juventus players jumped from three different directions to break Hernaz’s foot ball.
But it was only in the middle of their run that they realized that all three of them had come to defend Hernaz. What about the other Lazio players? Aren’t they just in the environment where people are watching?
Hernaz obviously wanted to go with them.
That’s when he divided the ball.
Football has never come yet. Three Juventus players got through!
In the end, football fell to mario gotze’s feet.
Juventus made up for this mistake because full-back Grosso had to go to the ribs to make up for it, so the flank behind him was completely pulled!
Mario gotze naturally saw a little bit. He quickly divided the football.
Right-back Faraoni inserted the Gotze ball at high speed and entered the penalty area!
There is Buffon in front of him!
Juventus central defender barzagli naturally didn’t allow Faraoni to meet Buffon so easily, so he gave up the middle of the road to make up for the flank.
At this time, he has forgotten to think that he has gone to the side road. Who will come in the middle road?
Due to the breakthrough of Hernaz, Juventus defenders made up one by one, and finally they became like this. Their original impenetrable defense line … has now collapsed in sections!
"danger! Lazio has a great opportunity! !”
"Faraoni has entered the penalty area, and there is no one around him to defend!"
In the commentator’s exclamation, Faraoni swung his foot and made a shot. barzagli flattered and killed a sliding shovel to stop Faraoni from shooting.