Seeing the mad dog dragon in the north sky, the mechanical feet spray a pale yellow crystal flame suspended in high school, and the future soldiers seem to flash.
Processor "the ultimate weapon system has been started. Please take energy in preparation!"
Mad dog dragon holds up all the energy departments in the air, and the screen data in the middle of the palm changes rapidly.
Energy consumption
With the rapid consumption of energy, the white ball in his hand expands rapidly, and gradually the energy ball extends towards the left and right ends, and the ultimate big move reappears.
Once, a dragon chop was performed on the Flying Horse Bridge. At that time, the sun was shining brightly. At noon, even the eternal sunshine seemed to have lost its color in front of the dragon chop.
This time, it’s completely different. It’s dark, the high school wind is blowing dust and dancing wildly, and the dragon chop looks like a bright and strange devil in the sky of the end of the world. When the devil’s eyes are opened in the dark, there will be destruction!
Energy consumption
When the energy dropped to 29 o’clock, Mad Dog Dragon gave a sharp push with his hands, and the swallow-shaped white blade with a diameter of about 60 meters was cut straight.
That moment was brilliant and Guanghua was so amazing that even Han Xinyi, who has always been cold and light, opened his mouth.
The dragon chop is tangential to the 16th floor of the Babel, swish, just like cutting the yuba, it passes through the tower in the blink of an eye and then flies into the clouds.
Five seconds later, Hong Wuyi and a group of people jumped up and ran without saying anything.
Because the Babel is slowly tilting, everyone can see that it has been cut off by the middle and the building is about to collapse.
The real fatal blow of Mad Dog Dragon was originally hidden here. He just wanted to lead the extinct Tianba and Tiger Brother to the tower, and then let the tower collapse and fall from more than two floors. No matter how strong you are, you can’t beat gravity.
"Bang", a landslide, a shocking noise, the whole city of Damascus seemed to be shaken.
It’s good that the Tower of Babel rises to the sky, but it falls to the other side, but it’s so forgiving. Hong Wu, a group of people, still lie on the ground and dare not move. You can feel that kind of ground tremor and smoke billowing tens of meters high.
At this moment, the screen of the future Ministry of War will become gray, and the processor is making thermal imaging and infrared scanning. Mad Dog Dragon can clearly see the extinct bully and Tiger Brother in the ruins.
These two people have not hung up yet, but they are like Sun Monkey being crushed by Tathagata in Wuxing Mountain. Half of them are completely crushed in a pile of rubble.
Mad dog dragon came with blood all over his face. He was still struggling, and Emoko was dying.
Looking at the mad dog dragon, the pace of mechanical Bigfoot is still calm and extinct, and Tianba coldly said, "You will regret it if you can’t get along after the base."
Mad dog Longgen ignored him and waved the cloth bag at him with Peter Pan’s box. It miraculously escaped from his shoulder and was sucked into the box furnace. It was always metal, and now the bully doesn’t have enough strength to protect the cloth bag. Peter Pan’s magnetic field can easily suck things back.
Mad dog dragon is too lazy to watch him turn around and leave. Instead, he doesn’t understand why the other party doesn’t kill himself.
He doesn’t understand, but Hong Wu does.
In the central garden, Han Xinyi and Jin Wu are each wearing a shield, and the widow is wary of holding a sword in front.
Across the road, Hong Wuyi and his gang are also more nervous, and both sides dare not make moves easily. They are all in confrontation.
Of course, this stalemate was broken with the arrival of the mad dog dragonfly.
Han Xinyi was surprised at the sight of the mad dog dragon hand familiar with the cloth bag. "It’s unbelievable that you actually did it!"
Mad dog dragon nodded and pulled out a thick chain "we are ready to go! You must hold on to this chain and don’t let go. I’ll take you to fly. "
Han Xinyi stared at Hong Wu again. "Leave that guy alone?"
The mad dog dragon snorted, "It’s too cheap to chop him to death with one knife. Let him taste what it means to die in despair."
Han Xinyi Ma Bai, come here. The undead soldiers and the cross army will come soon. Let you face these exhausted monsters and finally fight until you are exhausted and run out of ammunition.
Soon, the soldiers in the future will rise again, and there is a chain tied to their feet. Han Xinyi, Jin Wu and the widow will firmly hold the chain and fly with the mad dog dragon to stay at the top of the imperial city.
Hong Wu was so angry that he swore, "Bastard straight Niang thief, I’m going back to your house and waiting for me to piss you off …"