This man also directly caught a glimpse of Li Qianru’s three daughters in his rigid face and said, "It’s hard for us to pile up the door, so it can’t be said that there is no compensation."
With sloppy eyes in his mouth, his meaning is very white.
"hey ~"
Wu Xiaojian sighed heavily and knew he would be in trouble if he didn’t leave soon. He has no time to fool around with these guys now.
Snapping a finger is a handshaking magic, and a star card is created and he asks, "Are you one?"? Still together? "
Arrogant words make men laugh with anger.
Wu Xiaojian eyes staring at him than serious expression.
With a snap of his fingers, he has been moving the oven in the KFC kitchen. The magic cow received the order to come back four meters high. The devil bent down from the KFC door and glared at them with blood red eyes.
Here, his mind card is also launched to silence the golden spikes and golden beasts, but it will never make people despise them. The left and right door gods stand in front of him and say a lot of questions
Wu Xiaojian is also very upset. He frowned slightly and said to them, "I forgot to say that I am a summoner."
Brake when let them take a breath of air conditioning.
Summoner is not terrible, and some of them are not afraid of death and choose to play summoner.
But having a powerful summoner in Spirit and an ordinary summoner is simply the difference between God and mortals.
From the sword fight, the magic cow and the shining golden beast are imposing … obviously, they are monsters!
There’s no one here to watch and talk anymore. There’s someone watching Wu Xiaojian back the car.
Because he didn’t leave peacefully now and didn’t continue to help them block the door, can you pray that the monsters don’t come so soon?
White herdsman is running on the road again.
Now it has been clearly found that the closer to the International Trade Building, the more monsters appear. If you want to be safe, you will turn around in the opposite direction from that direction and go to Jiefang Avenue to approach Song Qing’s residence.
"Why don’t you pretend you don’t know that Zhou Wei?"
Blink of an eye Walima supermarket has been out of sight. Li Qianru finally can’t help but ask. I just felt that Wu Xiaojian recognized that Zhou Wei had any concerns before pretending not to know him and satirizing him.
"Yes, yes, what?" Mu Jiao Jiao also noticed sticking his head out from behind the driver’s seat and asked him if he didn’t understand this question. "Did you have a grudge with him in the past?"
Wu Xiaojian also saw in the rearview mirror that Chen Ying didn’t understand and felt that it was cruel of him to do so. It would be a bit selfish if he was an acquaintance to take care of himself together.
"See for yourselves."
Wu Xiaojian knows that now he has to drive with peace of mind. This car is full of beautiful women, Ann, and she has to avoid the road and be attracted by the lights. It is better to cut her mobile phone to an interface and throw it to them.
Li Qianru, Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying immediately gathered together to see Wu Xiaojian open his friend management interface, which is showing a person’s attributes … around.
"So low?"
"So that’s it."
In an instant, all three girls were white.
3 shows Zhou Wei’s goodwill. If goodwill in this game can represent a person’s feelings for another person, this goodwill has fully said that he is actually disgusted with Wu Xiaojian. If he just flatters, he can say that he has ulterior motives.
Wu Xiaojian saw that they were white. Hey, hey, smiled and took back their mobile phones and said to them, "It’s not as good as me being cruel and heartless now. It’s the most important thing for you to be selfish. I’m not an emperor."
"Haha, I like this sentence!" Mu Jiao Jiao was the first to praise Wu Xiaojian
Li Qianru and Chen Ying also immediately understood that they no longer blame him for admitting that he is a man or not, but also pretending to be good and helping each other when they know that the other party has infidelity. That kind of thing is not to be kind and to be an idiot, but to be stabbed in the back.
Wu Xiaojian saw the mobile phone friend interface and was more worried about Song Qing and them. He couldn’t connect all the time, and the strange situation outside the window made him more worried about his side.
Suddenly, a warm hand was placed on the back of his hand and he saw Li Qianru’s hand. He also saw her warm and relieved eyes and smiled at her, holding her hand tightly and admitting that he was afraid now.
It is fortunate that parents will not be involved in this disaster, but his brother’s suffering makes him really unhappy now.
Speeding up the car racing and rampaging all the way, looking for the memory of taking the bus in the past, I came to Song Qing’s home building, an old community behind the roadside commercial building, but here I saw the scene that the residential building where he lived was destroyed by some great force and a large group of monsters ravaged it and retreated.
Wu Xiaojian’s heart can’t help but panic, as if he had a look and lost his hand and suddenly held his heart and worried … What he was most afraid of wouldn’t happen, would it?
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Chapter 15 is that men can’t help it [Chapter 84 was last updated at 1: 17: 15, 1316]
Didi Didi …
However, at this moment, a friend’s head jumped up in the friend interface of Star Wars and found that it was Luo Bing’s head!
"Are you all right?"
Wu Xiaojian immediately typed and asked in the past. Even though it is very likely that Song Qing has been in trouble now, it will not make the situation too bad if Luo Bing has nothing to say.
"I’m still fat with me. How about you?"
"Soong ching in your that? !”