And worried about being discovered by mountain thieves, Lingyun and others dare not fight. Search can be carefully and slowly, so the search speed is much slower.
There are enough good people. After spending an hour, Lingyun finally found the manor looming in the Woods.
It was fifty people who lived in the manor. It was not built very big. Lingyun surrounded the manor with one thousand people easily.
There are so many leaders of the Han army manor around the manor that it is impossible not to know that he is sitting in Juyi Hall at this time.
The second leader couldn’t figure out how Bai Hanjun got here, and before that, there was no wind like magic descending from heaven, and the manor was surrounded in an instant.
The two leaders frowned, holding a fan in one hand and touching the bar in the other, sitting in Juyi Hall.
The longitudinal horse whistling west wind took away thirty people, four leaders and five leaders and went out. Now there are ten people in the whole manor.
The second leader still doesn’t know that the only woman among the ten people is Lingyun. He still thinks that the wind dance is the sister of longitudinal Ma Xiao and westerly wind.
Lingyun first informed Fengwu Fengwu when he set out, and then he went online, but knowing that there was going to be a battle, Lingyun and Fengwu didn’t let Xiaoxue Line call Xiaoxue in online after it was finished.
The wind dance is only after the line that I find that the rope tied to my body has been untied and there is no one in this room.
I didn’t dare to make a move. First, I saw a friend column and found that Zongma Xiaoxing Online sent a message asking about the situation in the past.
Longitudinal Ma Xiao westerly wind also didn’t hide everything.
White situation after the wind dance is consumedly square square went out and was soon called to the two leaders.
At this time, the wind dance is also in Juyi Hall with two leaders and three leaders.
Qianfengwu also thought about going out to bring Lingyun and others, but he didn’t have the opportunity to go out. He was always grabbed by the two leaders and asked questions.
Otherwise Lingyun wouldn’t have wasted an hour to find here.
"What should the second brother do now?" Asked the three leaders
The three leaders look much older than the two leaders.
Although he is much older than the second leader, it is not awkward for him to call the second leader and the second brother. It is still very angry that the young second leader is in front of him.
"Why don’t these Han Junshan eldest brothers have any news?" The second leader asked himself, "Will these Han army roots come from other places instead of this road?"
The three leaders nodded their heads and agreed with Yu Fengwu. Some of them couldn’t understand the words of the two leaders and sat and didn’t speak.
Feng Wu didn’t speak, but the second leader noticed her and said, "Did you attract Hanjun Mountain?"
Feng Wu was surprised in his heart, but his face was expressionless and said, "I’m here. How do you think I can call them?"
"If you are as natural as I am, it is impossible, but you are from outer space. Who knows what you did in outer space when you disappeared?" The second leader said.
"And it didn’t take long for the Han army to come as soon as you appeared. How impossible is it to say that you are?"
"One more thing, your brother just took people out today and the Han army came. Why didn’t the Han army come early or late?"
"It’s you!" The three leaders clapped their hands and danced to the wind.
Although the three leaders are four-star, she is also a four-star one-on-one wind dance, which may not beat the three leaders.
But now there is also a four-star strength, two leaders dare not entwine with the wind and dance, and three leaders have a palm, and then the body floats back and goes out of Juyi Hall to be continued.
Chapter 31 competition
Those mountain thieves outside Juyi Hall didn’t know what happened in Juyi Hall. Seeing the wind and dance coming out of Juyi Hall didn’t stop them, and they didn’t gang up.
By the time the two leaders and three leaders rushed out, the wind dance had already run outside the manor and had a round with Lingyun.
Come out and see the wind dance beside Lingyun. "It was you and I should have thought of it long ago."
Wind dance ran to Lingyun and told Lingyun what he knew.
Before lingyun, all members of the black skeleton are now in front of this dozen people and most of them are still two-star strength.
Lingyun also said rudely, "Are you surrendering or waiting to be killed?"
If all the members of the black skeleton are in Lingyun, they are also worried that they will fight for a larger foe.
After all, if these mountain thieves really want to fight Lingyun, they will definitely change the lives of many soldiers.
But now there are less than 20 people, most of whom are still two-star strength, even if they want to fight a larger foe, they can’t fight it.
There are more than a dozen people. If you don’t take this one thousand soldiers, Lingyun and others can take it alone.
GongSunYing can kill two leaders, three leaders, two people dancing in the wind, Zhang Tong, Sun Yu, Sun Hong and Chui Fu. There is no problem when five people are left with mountain thieves.
On average, everyone faces only three mountain thieves.
Even if it is not easy to play three two stars with four-star strength, there will definitely be no life-threatening unless it is stabbed in the back.
Although Sun Yu and Sun Hong are still Samsung’s peak strength, there is no problem when they are slightly entangled in three two stars.
The second leader touched Ba Dao. "How about surrender?"
Lingyun said, "If you surrender, I will give you a good place. After that, you will definitely have a chance to make achievements, which is much more promising than being a mountain thief here."
A few days ago, Lingyun was very jealous and wanted to accept himself after learning the strength of the bandits from Fengwukou.
If Huang Pusong comes, if these mountain thieves don’t surrender voluntarily, they will either be killed or taken alive and put in jail.
If it’s Zhu? If you come here, these mountain thieves will have a way to hell, but they have no choice.
They are lucky to meet Lingyun, not only after death, but also to honor their ancestors, which is better than being a mountain thief.
"won’t go to jail?" The second leader asked
"Will not be reduced to slavery?"
"No," said Ling Yun. "Surrender me, you will be my people, and it will be no problem for me to be an official."
The two leaders were silent, and the three leaders didn’t speak. Both leaders didn’t talk, and the bandits couldn’t talk.
There was silence for about two minutes. Two necklines said, "How can I believe you? Will the government do less treachery? Surrender now, maybe as soon as we get back, our heads will fall to the ground. "
Lingyun said, "Whether what I said is true or not, do you still have a choice? Either surrender or die now. If you surrender, you will not die now."
The second leader knows that Lingyun is right, and now he can surrender if he doesn’t want to die. Look around the army. The second leader also knows that it is impossible to run the base. At best, he will pull a few mats before he dies.
He doesn’t know the strength of GongSunYing Xu Fu and others around Lingyun. If they don’t surrender, it’s not easy for them to pull a mat even before they die.
Although Lingyun said that surrender can not be promoted to a higher position after death, the two leaders did not know how high the credibility was, and he did not know anything about Lingyun.
If he didn’t surrender, he would never surrender. Anyway, after he surrendered, there would definitely be no such freedom, and his freedom would definitely be bound.
But if you don’t surrender now, you will live or die. No one wants to die. There is nothing bitter between them and Lingyun.
Although the heart is ready to surrender, the second leader still wants to fight for it. "Surrender is ok, but I think you must hope that we really surrender and really work for you."
Lingyun nodded. "Go on. What do you want?"