"Hey …"
The door is open, but it’s not Yueyin at the door … it’s still a child. Yueyin is trying to push the door open.
"Er … it’s summer in Hanazono Sakura ~" Nine Sinatra squatted down and smiled and touched the little girl’s head-unlike her mother’s silence, Hanazono Sakura’s summer seems to be still full of sunshine in the past.
"Hello, Aunt Jiu Xinnai!"
"Qian Xia Guai ~ Where are your mother and Yueyin?"
"Ah, my mother is arranging the boundary with her brothers … as if to say that there will be danger around the village recently."
Different from ordinary families, whether it’s Zhen Yong or vulture, they usually don’t hide anything from Qian Xia, and little girls are born smart.
"Well … then Hanazono Sakura Xia will take us to your mother’s place."
Watergate also smiles and opens its mouth. Smiling like sunshine is still as warm as ever.
"good!" Thousand summer clever nodded and turned to lead the way … and suddenly turned back to "Uncle Watergate …"
"What’s the matter?"
"You’d better tell Zhenyong to go out and hide!" Qianxia nodded. "Mom is really angry this time. It can’t be solved by kneeling on the scroll!" "
"What’s the situation?"
The question is a man with orange hair. He is wearing a red robe with a black background and is on a hill not far from the warning line of Konoha … The mysterious figure of plural people has been hidden for a long time.
"Not found … but Konoha has somehow stepped up its vigilance."
His voice is still as annoying as it used to be.
"…" Looking at the distant prosperity of Konoha Village, the man slowly spoke. "Have you smelled the danger? Not the kui is konoha … "
He paused and then made a virtual pressure gesture to the people behind him.
"Prepare to act in one night"
There was a rustle in the moving picture, but no one spoke …
"We have to hurry … not every time we have such an opportunity-get rid of everything before that guy comes back. Chapter two hundred and seventy-one, Kyubi no Youko’s seizure plan begins.
Ps the fifth more! ! ! Ahem, I’m exhausted. I beg for everything! ! ! !
Konoha’s garrison has been completely released-in order to deal with the possible threat of Watergate difference, the village has entered a state of readiness!
The strongest force in the forbearance world once created Konoha, an enemy-four super interest community. Now the situation is far worse than expected …
At the moment, the most important fighting force in Yucun is really brave. At this moment, it is not in the Chinese army sitting in Hatake Sakumo. Qimu Shuomao was killed in the previous war. Lengjun orochimaru defected to the crazy ghost Jiraiya, and Princess Konoha’s three generations of Huoying Sarutobi Hiruzen have already resigned for many years … No matter how to calculate, Konoha can now take out the hand-shadow fighting force, that is, Uchihiro Griffin and Bo Feng Shui Gate …
And the younger generation is far from growing up.
Although Konoha won the pre-victory because of the Third Endurance World War, the whole Endurance World began to set Konoha as a potential imaginary enemy … The result of this is that Konoha has not only established absolute prestige in the Endurance World, but also faced the blockade of other Endurance villages-of course, it has lost its resistance ability and fire nation is adjacent to Sha Endurance, but it is hard to imagine how many reinforcements Sha Endurance can send to Konoha after witnessing the battle between the mysterious man led by the wind country and the anchovy.
On the other hand, the great war that took place in Sharpen came from other countries, and the intelligence also said from the side that there were a small number of enemies hidden in the darkness, but they were extremely capable!
The most disturbing thing is that these enemies have never been able to launch up to now …
The unknown brings fear, and the calm evaluation of one’s own strength makes the consciousness of Watergate crisis be urged to the extreme!
And soon the reality proved how correct the decision in front of the water gate was.
Night finally enveloped the whole world, which symbolized the unknown and danger, and brought everything into the arms of death. Every breath and eyes smelled of destruction and death …
In total, the shadows disappeared rapidly in the mountain pass here. Some of them said nothing, their expressions were dignified, others were arrogant, bloodthirsty and crazy …
Fortunately, their goal is to have a village called Muye, which is the strongest in tolerance.
Very challenging proposition, isn’t it?

For ordinary people, it is difficult to cross the distance, but it was crossed in a short time. Those frightening shadows finally stopped at a place less than ten meters away from the periphery of Konoha …
Further invasion is bound to enter the perception range of the perception force.
Although it has been planned from the very beginning that Konoha will enter the state of war, in the face of the first force in the forbearance world, if it is so silly, wait for a while will not be able to get up if he rushes in.
Perhaps, in turn, this will be the source of failure for organizations that have exposed all their strengths-tactical arrangements are inevitable.
However, it happens that there are too many offensive means to choose from for mastering almost all the mainstream ninja circles …
The goal of this trip is only Kyubi no Youko, so asking for the enemy has become a crucial step in the war
It is the best strategy to sneak into the suspect without disturbing the other side’s boundary, but in fact, none of them can do this in a short time without lifting the boundary, and even a ninja in Muye Village can’t get in touch with it.
In that case …
The tall Xiuluo Road crouched slowly and then put the petite animal road on its arm. After a short power-saving animal road, it was thrown into the sky!
Invade from it?
But how can guarding the konoha world be broken so easily?

"Konoha found the intruder!"
The village boundary class immediately found the abnormality! Almost at the first moment, the intruder appeared, and the information was already being sent to Huoying’s office!
"What about the enemy?"
"The specific situation is unknown. The enemy is invading from the northeast corner … there is one!"
Is there one?
No matter how many of them are close to provoking a war, Konoha has been alert enough. In less than a moment, all the battle posts in the village have entered a state of preparation!
And being thrown directly into the village animal path is certainly not waiting for death …
Xiao has his own way, even if the law invades the konoha world without anyone knowing it, he naturally has his own plan to maximize the enemy!
With the help of night cover, it is no exaggeration that the smoke did not attract people’s attention, but a whole nine figures appeared in the konoha area in an instant.

"As planned. Chapter two hundred and seventy-two, the invasion began.
Ps first Geng
So … let’s get started!
Known as the strongest force in the forbearance world, fire nation is almost invincible at the same time, and this time, the only brave and brave one is not in the village …
The best opportunity has appeared, although it is also accompanied by the danger of setting traps for the other side, but it is also unclear about the depth of "dawn" in terms of relative angle of konoha.
As agreed with her before, Payne has reserved herself for this battle.