Provoked Liang Ping a upset is impatient to push the ink defect body and blunt Qing Gong said, "Don’t listen to her Hu said that we are still rushing to the duke’s house."
Love is no longer entangled in this matter. It is a modest smile. "Well, we will go to the duke’s house now, but I have something to say."
"What words" Liang Ping stopped with affection.
"After entering the city, you can’t make moves when you see something unexpected," said solemnly.
Liang Ping didn’t dare to say much, but nodded and said, "No problem. Since you have said so, we are guests from afar."
Chapter 397 For the duke
It is said that Liang Ping and Ink Defect followed Love, Yunyang and Yu Xiaofei into the house of Yunzhou City Lord, but they didn’t feel any sense of being controlled at that moment.
The five people at the scene, except for the ink defect, everyone has a certain understanding of the duke’s family.
According to the previous understanding, the duke’s home is a quiet place to practice Lingwu and the best place in the prosperous mainland. Although it is also heavily guarded, those guards are particularly low-key and difficult to penetrate their identity at a glance.
However, this time it is different.
In addition to freezing in the direction of Meng Han Tower, the main residence of the duke, the Moon Tower, the Showa Building in the Chamber, and the heart building, including the forbidden area and the wind-listening building, are full of people. It seems that there are many people everywhere, and those soldiers are all armored and seem to be preparing for something important.
"Why are there so many people?"
Even Yunyang, the new duke, was surprised.
A group of people led by Yunyang went straight to the most exquisite and majestic place in Gu Lou.
-Full Moon Building
"I heard that the situation of the moon tower has changed. Should we sneak in?" Ink defect walked quickly to Yunyang and said sadly.
Yunyang and Qing are very similar in appearance and both gave birth to a standard handsome big boy face, but this Yunyang face is obviously full of faint anger, and the muscles of his face are slightly twitching and extremely uneven. He said, "I am the duke of Yunzhou, and I want to sneak into my residence."
See Yunyang so said they no longer opposed.
From the top of Yunshan Mountain, all the way through several dense forests, I finally came to the gate of the Moon Tower.
It is very strange to see such a dense forest on a 55-meter-high mountain peak. It is even more amazing to see delicate flowers outside the Moon Tower. It is incredible that this place is full of aura.
However, they don’t seem to be surprised by this.
I saw two guards wearing heavy armor at the entrance of the Moon Tower suddenly reaching out and stopping them when they saw Yunyang going into the Moon Tower. "Sorry, you can’t go in."
Yunyang smell speech was a heavy brow and a slight Cu glared at the door, but the two guards felt strange.
Ink defect beside Yunyang suddenly said coldly, "Do you two know who he is?"
Two guards looked around Yunyang and said, "Of course we know."
"If we know that stop" ink defects are angry for Yunyang.
The guard said, "He used to be a duke, but now Yunzhou has changed hands. The duke ordered that if he saw the former duke again, he would be expelled from Yunzhou and never set foot in Yunzhou."
Yunyang smell speech face suddenly became very gloomy grind the previous step to hard break in.
However, two guards suddenly blocked the gate and reached out and pushed out Yunyang’s shoulder. "Yunyang, please respect yourself!" "
"No big or small Yunyang name is your name!" Suddenly, the previous step took a cold shot and knocked the two guards down easily.
The guards repeatedly screamed and inadvertently released two distress flares.
As soon as the flare came out of the full moon tower, a group of soldiers wearing black heavy armor immediately ran out.
First, the man was a tall, middle-aged man. He was wearing a plain black suit, but he always wore a little bit of evil spirit. Little stubble kept shaking and seemed to be emotional. The beautiful young woman next to him was beautiful and tall, with a standard figure. She looked at everyone in Yunyang with a peach blossom on her face.
Yunyang also looked angry and stared at the leading middle-aged man, pointing to his nose and thundering, "YunHao! You are making a mess! "
The middle-aged man is Yunhao and uncle Yunyang.
And the woman next to the middle-aged man is Yunhao’s daughter Yunqian.
In the face of Yunhao’s seizure of Yunyang, my heart is naturally angry.
Yunhao is evil and laughs. "Good nephew, how do you say that I am also your uncle? Don’t say that I am now the duke of Yunzhou City. You should call me the duke. You should call me uncle at least. It seems that the person who made a mistake is you!"
I didn’t expect to be turned against an army by Yunhao.
Yunyang cold hum pointed to Yunhao’s hands and threw them behind him in a cold tone and said, "You Yunhao, you killed my parents, and now you’re trying to usurp the Lord’s position. Do you know that you have committed a felony in Yunzhou? Don’t say that I will never spare you even if I avenge my parents!" Talk Yunyang secretly in the right index finger condensed extremely vigorous unexpectedly to YunHao.
Defending those heavily armored guards around Yunhao unexpectedly responded quickly and wanted to stop before.
But those guards have not yet pulled out their weapons, and they have been killed instantly by Yunyang’s easy poking with an index finger.
See Yunyang war decision.
Yun Hao pulled Yun Qian to push the guards around him one by one and said aggressively, "You Yunyang, these people are all your old staff. Are you so cruel to them?"
Yunyang heard this and shook his muscles. "Go to your old staff. Although I am the duke of Yunzhou, I have never liked to be arrogant. There is no department if all the people in Yunzhou are equal!"
YunHaoWen expression one leng is faster back into the full moon floor backyard.
Yunyang moves faster than lightning. Hundreds of guards have all lost their lives from the full moon tower.
Will YunHao and YunQian into the backyard.
The backyard is a 55-meter high-risk cliff.
Seeing that you can retreat, Yunhao stopped and laughed. "My good nephew, this is no wonder that you are asking for a dead end."
Talk YunHao heavily clap your hands.
Immediately see from listening to the wind floor, Showa floor, heart floor, dusty floor, thousands of heavily armored guards have sprung up everywhere. Those guards can’t see the slightest expression on their faces. Their eyes are black as night, and they can’t see the slightest look. And their hands are hundreds of pounds of heavy knives, just like nine ancient warriors.
"What’s that!"
Followed by Yunyang ink defect behind horrified asked
Yunyang is a blank face.
Yu Xiaofei also seems to be pondering something.
Love is suddenly dignified and said, "It seems that they are in the Yin and Yang method."